What is calibration software?


In general, the term “calibration software” refers to applications that automate all or part of a calibration process via computer control. Calibration software also allows the user to manage their calibration and asset data.

If you’ve heard about the benefits of automated calibration and asset management but are puzzled about how everything fits together, call on Fluke Calibration for solutions.

Other types of calibration software exist. At Fluke Calibration, these include data-logging software, software that generates calibration constants and references, and various add-on and plug-in software programs.

Calibration Software

Why use calibration software?

Using software to automate all or part of the calibration process offers several important advantages.

Software automation ensures that the calibration can be performed exactly the same way by multiple operators in multiple locations, and over time. This improves the quality of your results, reduces errors and standardizes methods.

Automating the calibration process allows technicians to set up tests and then go on to perform other tasks, making more efficient use of their time.  Calibrations are typically completed much more quickly, saving time and money.  If the software is capable of calibrating multiple units under test simultaneously, automation increases throughput as well.

Documentation and reports
Calibration automation software typically includes features for documenting calibration procedures, storing calibration data, and producing reports, allowing you to eliminate paper records or spreadsheets.

Because calibration software does such a wonderful job of keeping accurate records of all parts of the calibration process, it can also help you comply with a wide variety of quality standards.

Common quality standards
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9000

What should you look for when selecting calibration software?

Does it handle the required workload?
Look at your calibration instruments and your workload and make sure the software you select is compatible with them. You should also try to look into the future to understand what your needs might be one, five or even ten years from now. That way you can choose a solution that is scalable and that can grow with you as your needs change.

Does it have the features you need?
Do you need a powerful enterprise solution with lots of features? Or are your needs simple (for example, you only need to automate a single calibrator or type of calibrator)?

Is it easy to use?
Is the software designed by someone who understands the calibration process? Does the interface seem intuitive?

Does it help you to run the lab more efficiently? 
Will it reduce your cost? Does the software you use help you become more productive in the lab?  Try to determine whether the software will help you do more calibrations in the same or less amount of time. Does the software enable fast and repeatable calibration?

Is the software flexible to fit your needs ?
Can it be installed on single workstations as well as company-wide networks? Can multiple users access the system from different locations?

Can it help you meet regulatory and quality requirements?
You may want or be required to support the traceability and record-keeping requirements of modern quality and accreditation standards, including ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000, QS 9000, EN 45000, ANSI Z540, and MIL STD 45662A, without having to write your own programs, set up your own databases, or test and document the system.

Does it support unified data management across different metrology disciplines?
While you may choose different applications specialized in electrical, temperature, pressure, flow, or dimensional calibration, can you manage all the data in one database?

Is training available?
Does the software developer provide training to help you and your staff get up and running quickly?

What kinds of support are available?
Where can you go when you have questions or problems using your software? Does the manufacturer provide a telephone number or an email so you can talk to a live person?

Some software developers offer premium support programs that help you maximize productivity and minimize downtown. For example, Fluke Calibration offers the MET/SUPPORT Gold program to provide premium support and services for MET/CAL®software users.

Look for other types of available support as well, including user groups, online forums, technical and application notes  and other informative materials.

Is the software produced by a reputable company?
You want to feel sure that the application you choose is developed by a company that will still be in the calibration business by the time you need support. It’s also a good idea to look for a developer who is committed to the long term future of its software applications and will provide regular updates and upgrades.



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Fluke Calibration has software solutions for virtually every measurement discipline. Designed by measurement experts, these programs increase your productivity while strengthening your quality program and leaving a smile on your auditor's face. Use the links at the right or the descriptions below to explore all the power and functionality of expert calibration software from Fluke Calibration.
Quick Links

  • MET/CAL® Software »

    MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software is the complete solution for automating calibration processes plus managing and reporting measurement assets. MET/CAL Plus includes two applications: MET/CAL software, the industry leader for automated calibration; and MET/TEAM Express or the more fully featured MET/TEAM software for test and measurement asset management. Using MET/CAL software can help you cut calibration time in half by fully automating your electrical and RF calibration workload and more. Documented procedures and calibration results, plus reports, help you to comply with quality standards like ISO 9000, ANSI Z540 and ISO/IEC 17025. (Note: At present, a version of MET/CAL software is also available with the older MET/BASE database and MET/TRACK software for asset management. However, Fluke Calibration is moving to the MET/TEAM platform and will eventually phase out MET/TRACK software.)
    MET/CAL® Software
  • MET/CAL® Support »

    MET/SUPPORT Gold is an annual membership program offering premium support and services. With it, you get free updates and upgrades, free warranted procedures, discounts on training and customized procedures, priority access to software support, and more.
    MET/CAL® Support
  • Asset Management Software »

    MET/TEAM™ and MET/TEAM Express software are easy-to-use, browser-based calibration asset management solutions. MET/TEAM Express software, included with the MET/CAL Plus application, offers basic asset management, data storage and report generation. MET/TEAM software offers more advanced asset management features, including productivity management, parts management and email automation, as well as optional modules for on-site calibration, commerce and customer views. Designed by metrologists for metrology, MET/TEAM software is ideal for calibration professionals who need to manage workflow through the calibration laboratory. MET/TRACK® software is an older application that also manages inventory, calibration, location, maintenance, and customers. Fluke Calibration is moving to the MET/TEAM platform and will eventually phase out MET/TRACK software.
    Asset Management Software
  • Electrical Calibrator–Specific Software »

    5080/CAL is easy-to-use calibration software for the 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator. 7050 Software works with the Nanoscan Volt Maintenance system for data collection and analysis.
    Electrical Calibrator–Specific Software
  • Temperature Calibration Software »

    Fluke Calibration makes versatile temperature calibration software applications that include an automated temperature calibration software application (MET/TEMP II); thermometer readout data-logging software (LogWare); calibration constant and reference table generation software (TableWare); and Interface-it software for use with various temperature sources. All of our temperature calibration software is Windows-based and easy to use.
    Temperature Calibration Software
  • Pressure Calibration Software »

    COMPASS® for Pressure is a universal platform for all of your pressure calibration software needs. From piston gauges calibrating individual devices in the cal lab to transfer standards characterizing racks of sensors in production, COMPASS® for Pressure provides an off-the-shelf software tool to maximize the automation of your calibration and testing processes.
    Pressure Calibration Software
  • Flow Calibration Software »

    COMPASS® for Flow is a universal platform for automating flow calibration. COMPASS® for Flow software works with the Fluke Calibration molbloc/molbox® gas flow standard to create a full-function calibration system. This optimal flow calibration system combines the outstanding performance of molbloc/molbox with the power, versatility and features of a modern PC-based application.
    Flow Calibration Software
  • Mechanical/Dimensional Calibration Software »

    Manual MET/CAL® is the easy, efficient way to collect, store and report calibration data. Manual MET/CAL® software is for calibration professionals who calibrate much of their workload manually and need to collect, store and report calibration data consistently and efficiently. This application is also useful for MET/CAL® Plus software users who need an easy way to collect and manage calibration data for workload that cannot be automated via IEEE connection, such as mechanical and dimensional instruments.
    Mechanical/Dimensional Calibration Software
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For MET/CAL Plus Calibration Software users, MET/SUPPORT Gold is an annual membership program offering premium support and services to help you stay as productive as possible. Use only a few of the Gold services and you can easily recover more than the cost of your membership fee.

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