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Select one of the 8 letter-designated thermocouple types from the console, type any temperature within the thermocouples range into the Temperature window and press calculate. The calculator will produce the NIST thermocouple table value for that temperature along with the sensitivity or Seebeck coefficient (dV/dT).

All thermocouple voltages are given in millivolts (mV). The Seebeck coefficient (given in mV/°C) describes the slope of the reference function at the selected temperature and can be used to calculate the impact of an incremental change in temperature on thermocouple voltage.

Reference junction (cold junction) compensation

The thermocouple table values given by this calculator are based on a reference junction (cold junction) temperature of 0 °C (32 °F). If that assumption is incorrect then a voltage correction must be added to these values to compensate.


It is not recommended that you rely exclusively on this calculator,which is provided for information purposes only. While we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the values generated by this calculator are correct, no warranty is made, either express or implied, as to its accuracy or fitness for purpose. We cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of errors or omissions in the information provided.