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Calibration and Metrology Training Courses

Calibration and metrology training can help you and your staff become more knowledgeable in a wide variety of disciplines. Instructors are experts who work in electrical calibration, temperature calibration, pressure and flow calibration, and who really want to help you learn the foundation and techniques of metrology that you can put to immediate use in your workplace. Please see the list of calibration training and metrology training courses below or download the 2015 Training Course Planner.  Have questions?  Write us at training@flukecal.com.


Instructor-Led Classroom
Training Courses

Class Schedules:
Electrical Calibration »
Temperature Calibration »
Pressure and Flow Calibration »
Calibration Software Training »
Laboratory Management »

Instructor-Led Web-based
Training Courses

MET/CAL Database Web-Based Training »
MET/CAL Procedure Development
Web-Based Training »

Manual MET/CAL® Web-Based Training »
MET/TEAM Basic Web-Based Training »

Electrical Calibration Training:
MET-101 Basic Hands-on Metrology »
MET-301 Advanced Hands-on Metrology »
MET-302 Introduction to
Measurement Uncertainty »

On-Site Training »
Installation and Training Supplemental Services »

Calibration Software Training:
MC-203 Crystal Report Writing »
MC-205 Calibration Asset Management with MET/TEAM software »

MC-206 Basic MET/CAL® Procedure Writing  »
MC-207 Advanced MET/CAL® Procedure Writing  »
On-Site Installation and Training »

Temperature Calibration Training:
Principles of Temperature Metrology »
Advanced Topics in Temperature Metrology »
Infrared Temperature Metrology »
Installation and Training Supplemental Services »

Pressure Calibration Training:
Principles of Pressure Calibration (New) »
Setting Up and Using
Compass for Pressure Software »

Advanced Piston Gauge Metrology »
Installation and Training Supplemental Services »

Flow Calibration Training:
Gas Flow Calibration Using molbloc/molbox »
Advanced COMPASS Macro Training »
Installation and Training Supplemental Services »

Laboratory Management Training:
CLM-303 Effective Cal Lab Management »

Self-Paced Online Training Courses

Register and pricing for
self-paced online training »

Self-Paced Online Classes:
Introduction to Measurement and Calibration »
Precision Electrical Measurement »
Measurement Uncertainty »
AC/DC Calibration and Metrology »
Metrology for Cal Lab Personnel
(CCT prep course) »

Self-Paced Training Tools:
CAL-Book: Philosophy in Practice textbook »