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Repairs are always unexpected, and they can be costly. Fluke Calibration offers a variety of special priority support CarePlans on Electrical, Temperature, Pressure and Flow instruments to help keep your equipment up and running and give you control your cost of ownership.

To talk with a Fluke Calibration representative about CarePlans call 1-877-355-3225 

Priority Gold CarePlans

Electrical Priority Gold CarePlan »
Temperature Priority Gold CarePlan »
Pressure and Flow Priority Gold CarePlan »

Gold CarePlans are available on all Electrical, Temperature, and Pressure and Flow Calibration products and include the following features and benefits:

  • Annual calibration included (standard or accredited) with guaranteed in-house turnaround
  • Free repairs with guaranteed ten-day in-house repair (includes calibration)
  • Pre-paid, priority freight on return of instrument
  • Special Priority Gold telephone help line or web support for member assistance
  • Free product updates
  • Terms: one-year, three-year and five-year plans available
  • 10 % off on calibration product upgrades
  • 15% discount on any out-of-plan service changes
  • 20 % off any Fluke metrology training for any of your personnel
  • Automatic 45-day and 15-day calibration due notification

    (Terms and conditions: Electrical Calibration, Temperature Calibration, Pressure and Flow Calibration)

Silver CarePlans

Electrical Priority Silver CarePlan »
Temperature Priority Silver CarePlan »
Pressure and Flow Priority Silver CarePlan »

Silver CarePlans are available for Electrical, Temperature, Pressure and Flow Calibration products and include the following features and benefits:

CarePlans are also available for some Industrial products. Information about them is available on the fluke.com website.

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

Before investing in a Gold or Silver CarePlan, it makes sense to study the return on investment. While the exact ROI for a CarePlan differs depending on the situation, a one year Gold CarePlan can typically be purchased for around the same cost as one annual calibration. Purchasing a CarePlan allows you to pre-purchasing your next annual calibration, while receiving the additional benefits such as priority turnaround, priority return shipping, and covered repairs (including a calibration). The cost of a typical repair (at the standard shop rate) is often 250% or more expensive than the cost of purchasing a CarePlan. This can make a CarePlan a cost effective investment for your instrument.

For a detailed ROI analysis for on your specific instrument, please contact your Fluke Calibration representative or email your instrument model number to: serviceprograms@fluke.com and request comparison for Gold or Silver CarePlan

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