Meterman 33XR: (1 Year) CAL VER /9100 6304C

Revision: 1.1
Manufacturer: Meterman
Model: 33XR
UUT Type: 3.5 Digit DMM
Procedure Type: Verification
Cal Interval: 1 Year
Reference List: Fluke PM 6304C, Datron 9100
UUT Control: Manual
Procedure Execution Time: The average run time during testing was 35 minutes (MU mode).
Tested With
Model Option(s) Serial Number Firmware Rev.
33XR na 21113330 na
General Information:

Model(s) Covered:

Meterman 33XR

Amprobe 33XR-A


5500/CAL or MET/CAL 7.20 or later

Additional Equipment Required:

- K-Type Thermocouple SMP to SMP cable

- XR-TA Temperature Adapter

- Single safety plug banana to banana lead

- 50 Ohm Feedthrough termination (HP 11048C or equ.)

- BNC (F) to Dual Banana adapter (Pomona 1269 or equ.)

- 1