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Electronic Dead Weight Tester Calibration

E-DWT-H Electronic Deadweight Tester
Hydraulic Deadweight Tester Performance with Digital Measurement Convenience
E-DWT-H is an electronic calibrator designed to replace mechanical, piston-cylinder and weight based deadweight testers. It’s a lighter weight, easier-to-use deadweight tester alternative that is at home in the lab or instrument shop, as well as in the field performing in-situ calibrations and tests.


E-DWT-H offers precision, low measurement uncertainty and the stability over time of a conventional deadweight tester without the inconveniences associated with the piston-cylinders, weights, hand pumps, and interconnecting plumbing.


    • No weights to load and unload or regularly send out for calibration
    • No need to know and correct for local gravity or ambient temperature
    • No piston-cylinder changes; switch Q-RPT ranges in seconds
    • Not sensitive to level or vibration
    • Able to set and read any pressure value exactly, no minimum increment limited by
      smallest available masses
    • Operates in any unit of measure while deadweight tester is typically limited to the
      pressure unitstamped on the mass
    • Perfect for applications that require setting a nominal pressure precisely on the
      device under test and measuring it, such as analog gauge calibration
    • On-board, AutoTest calibration routines and data acquisition
    • Interfaceable with a PC or laptop to allow for automated data acquisition
    • Two year calibration interval supported at measurement uncertainty of ± 0.025% of reading.
    • Easily recalibrated without crossfloating. Automated calibration of E-DWT-H is
      possible using COMPASS® for Pressure software.


Q-RPT (quartz reference pressure transducer)
module advantages:


In addition to outstanding metrological characteristics,
Q-RPT modules offer the advantages of:
    • Negligible warm-up time
    • Quartz element isolated from test medium
    • Minimal sensitivity to orientation
Click to View Larger Image (73 kb)


AutoTest™ lets E-DWT operators quickly define test points and adjust all of the range-dependent settings with a single function.


The resolution and stability test used by the RPM4-E-DWT are set according to the range of the device under test. The upper limit setting is also set and provides range-based warnings and overpressure protection. While running AutoTests, the operator is prompted to set each sequential test point and test data is stored in the RPM4-E-DWT for recall or download. Typical test setup is quick and easy, but more complex tests can also be stored and reused.


E-DWT-H can be configure to provide uncertainty of 0.02% of reading from 1% to 100% of
full scale range.


Low torque variable volume allows for pressure generation up to 200 MPa (30,000 psi) with V minimal physical effort.


AutoRange feature optimizes measurement, control and safety features for the specific range
of the instrument being calibrated


E-DWT-H includes everything to set, adjust and read pressure in one compact, transportable
package and the rechargeable battery pack option provides for eight hours of field operation.


E-DWT-H includes flash memory for simple and free embedded software upgrades.


View Larger Image (87 kb) View Larger Image (87 kb)
E-DWT-H Single Q-RPT
A modern alternative to the traditional deadweight tester




Silver CarePlans for Pressure and Flow Calibration products


Fluke Corporation provides extended warranties for your new E-DWT-H calibration product. For details on the Fluke Silver CarePlan, click on the link below:


Fluke Silver CarePlan



Download E-DWT-H Videos
Video demonstrations.




Download E-DWT-H Brochure
(1.2 mg PDF)
Product details, ordering
information & complete


Application Notes


Download E-DWT-H Application Note
3462147 (184 kb PDF)
E-DWT Modern Replacement for the Conventional Deadweight Tester Dated: 2009 JUN


Calibration Guide


Download the guide


3625716A (886 kb PDF)
7 Reasons to
Leave Your
Deadweight Tester Behind

A guide to better pressure calibration
Dated: 2010 FEB


User Guide


Download the guide


3469593 (114 kb PDF)
User Guide
Dated: 2010 MAY

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