Are you still sending
your digital multimeters
out for calibration?

If so, you are:

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Turning away revenue

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Increasing turnaround time

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Increasing downtime

Bring DMM calibration in-house

A multi-product electrical calibrator like the Fluke Calibration 5502A and 5522A enables you to calibrate a wide workload of digital multimeters and more. These calibrators are ideal for metrology professionals who want to calibrate resistance, voltage, current and more, and who want a reliable, transportable instrument that offers a high return on investment.

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5502A Multi-Product Calibrator

Calibrates handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 4 ½ digits).

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5522A Multi-Product Calibrator

Calibrates handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 ½ digits.

11 instruments in one


Work load




Basic dc Volts Accuracy

50 ppm


3.5 digits

4.5 digits

5.5 digits

6.5 digits

For even better return on investment and big productivity benefits, automate your multi-product calibrator with industry-leading MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software.

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Save time and money

Increase throughput up to 80% compared to manual approach.

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Eliminate errors

Eliminate human errors from manual data inputs.

Device to pc to document


Automate calibration of a wide range of electrical and RF calibration standards and test equipment.

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Perform controlled, consistent tests

Comprehensive procedure library including more than 2700 procedures for digital multimeter calibration.

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Comply with standards

Help you meet the regulatory requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ISO.IEC 17025, ANSI Z540.3, and others.

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Improve productivity

Paperless calibration work flow and asset management.

More revenue.

Now is the perfect time to add DMM calibration capabilities to your lab

For a limited time, get special pricing on the most popular Fluke Calibration multi-product calibrators, calibration management software, unlimited procedure downloads, and premium software support when you purchase them together.

5502A and 5522A products

5502A or 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator

Wide workload coverage.

MET/CAL screen

MET/CAL Calibration Management Software

Full calibration automation and asset management.

MET/CAL procedures

Free MET/CAL procedures in MET/SUPPORT Gold membership

Priority software support, including free access to the Fluke Calibration Warranted Procedures Library with +2700 procedures for calibrating digital multimeters.

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Need help buying a multiproduct electrical calibrator?

Here are 7 things you should consider.

  1. Why workload should drive your purchase requirements
  2. How ambitious banner specifications can mislead you
  3. Accuracy versus price: how to guarantee your best return on investment
  4. Why ac/dc current output deserves your close attention
  5. How much temperature measurement capability do you need?
  6. Why you should not overlook portability, robustness and environmental specifications
  7. Software and remote communication are important! What you should look for.

Yes! I want to bring DMM calibration in-house!

Please have an electrical calibration expert contact me to answer my questions and provide a free, no-obligation price quote on the limited-time special pricing bundle.

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